We invite you to the 2021 Seoul Urban Agriculture International Conference.

Since declaring the 1st year of urban agriculture in 2012, Seoul has promoted urban agriculture on many levels. The hallmark of Seoul’s effort to advocate the positive impact of urban agriculture can be found in the annual international exhibitions and conferences that Seoul has successfully organized over the years, where diverse cases of urban agriculture were presented. The 2021 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture signifies the important role that urban agriculture plays in establishing a sustainable city.

Urban farming has long led a grassroots movement in the city for resolving various and interconnected social issues. The programs of the Conference this year were designed based on Cheonjiin, the traditional philosophy in Korea that calls for the harmony of the sky (the heavens), land (the Earth), and humans (the sentient beings).

On November 8-11, we are organizing the 2021 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture in Korea (Online), where we expect urban farmers around the world to join the dialogue of responding to climate change through farming. Our three themes are Learning from Tradition, Capturing Carbon in the Soil, and Appropriate Technology in Urban Farming.

On November 11, under the theme of Role of Urban Farming for Low Carbon Society, the Conference will present different case studies of climate-resilient practices. The afternoon session will feature the 1st World Congress of Urban Farmers. We expect this event to mark a historical moment where urban farmers across the world will come together to announce the Declaration of Urban Farmers in response to climate change.

While all events are held online due to COVID-19, the online platform gives us an opportunity to invite people outside of Korea to our event. Please join the 10th Annual Seoul International Urban Conference.

Sincerely yours,

Committee for 2021 Seoul International Conference