Welcome to Seoul International Urban Agriculture Conference 2022

Seoul has been promoting urban agriculture since its declaration of the first year of urban agriculture in 2012. Each year, the Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture is held to discuss urban agriculture cases from around the world and to publicize the role and value of urban agriculture.

For the International Conference on Urban Agriculture this year, in particular, we would like to present it as a broad framework that reflects the theme of the climate crisis, which is the most urgent issue of our day.

Even yet, we seem to be having more and more issues. Before it's too late to effectively address this issue, we believe it is necessary to shift and realize that we must actively alter our way of life.

As a result, "Transitional Era Urban Agricultural" is the conference's theme, and we hope to bring together global urban agriculture officials to find solutions to the transition era's problems.

Here, we would like to propose that the transformation of ecology and mind results in the transformation of life through the use of urban agriculture, for the sake of the future of the planet and humanity.

On the first day, we hope to discover the role and meaning of urban agriculture through a multilateral approach to the food problem, which has emerged as the most pressing issue in the era of climate change. We would like to pay you a visit under the theme of Healing Agriculture in the Transitional Era, which connects psychological health and care issues that have become increasingly important as a result of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 situation of daily disasters is becoming a negative factor in making our lives live positively. I hope that through this event, many citizens will be able to express their sympathy for ecological transformation as well as dream and discuss their hopes for the future society.

Thank you

2022 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture Promotion Committee