Organizing Committee

  • Nae-Young Kang

    Director of Conference Promotion

    Presentation Title
    • Mosim and the Household Research Institute (Research Planning Committee)
  • Hye-sook Baek

    Research Fellow at Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation

    Presentation Title
    • 2020 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture Promotion Committee
    • Former CEO of Eco11
    • Director of the Seoul Urban Agricultural Fair
  • Wan-Soon Kim

    Professor of Seoul University

    Presentation Title
    • 2020 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture Promotion Committee
    • Professor of Environmental Horticulture, Seoul National University
    • Former chairman of the SeoulUrban Agricultural Committee (1st term)
  • Chang-Woo Lee

    Korea Urban Agriculture Research institute Director

    Presentation Title
    • Director of the Korea Institute of Urban Agriculture
    • Chairman of the Seoul Urban Agriculture Committee (4th term)
    • Senior Research Fellow, Seoul Research Institute
  • Tae-Hee Kim

    Professor of Restaurant Management at Kyung Hee University

    Presentation Title
    • Member of Seoul Food Citizens' Committee
    • Advisory Committee member of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Dietary Support Center
    • President of Korea Gourmet Tourism Association
  • Soon-Jin Jung

    National Institute of Horticultural Research, Urban Agriculture Research Institute

    Presentation Title
    • 2020 Korea Civil Service Award (Credited by the Prime Minister)
    • Ph.D., Department of Environmental Horticulture, University of Seoul
    • Construction of portal indoor gardens, school gardens, and healing agricultural menus through farming
    • Major Books: 6 types of Healing Agricultural Books and many more
  • Hyuk-Hoon Jung

    Maeil Business Newspaper Agricultural Journalist/Vice Director

    Presentation Title
      - Maeil Business Newspaper Economic Director, Beijing Correspondent
      - Maeil Business Newspaper Beijing Correspondent
      - Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Delaware, USA

      - Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (December 2021)
      - The Flesh of the Great Powers (October 2017)
      - Mekong River Silk Road (November 2011)
      - Agrizento Korea: The Way of the High-tech Agricultural Wealth (July 2010, co-authored)
  • Won-Ju, Kim

    Seoul Institute's Safety and Environment Research Center Research Fellow

    Presentation Title
    • Seoul public landscape architect
    • Member of the Seoul Metropolitan Agricultural Commission
    • Member of the Seoul Green Citizens' Committee