Past Event

2021 Conference



Farmer’s Workshop

Nov 8
Day 1 - Sky [天]: Learn from Tradition


Lee Bok-ja, Vegetable Garden Distribution Center

Program ① Farmers Establishing Their Own Value Chain: From Conservation of Seed and Improvement to Rural Development Cris Panerio, Masipag, Philippines
② Companion Planting Odo, Hongseong Pulmu School, Korea
③ Farming in Accordance with Nature Jang Young-ran, Author of Nature Calendar and Seasonal Food, Korea
Nov 9
Day 2 - Land [地]: Capture Carbon in the Soil


An Chul-hwan. Traditional Farming Research Center

Program ① About Natural Farming Yoshikazu Kawaguchi, Akame Nature Farming School, Japan
② Circulation of Organic Matters using the Earthworm Choi Hun-geun, Worm Farming Research Center, Korea
③ Regeneration of Soil and Application of Microorganisms Lee Tae-geun, Heuksallim, Korea
Nov 10
Day 3 - Humans [人]: Use Appropriate Technology


Gang Nyae-young, Gyeonghui University ‘Humanitas College’


① A Survey of the Rainwater Collection Systems in Seattle Community Gardens

Ray Williams, Yes Farm & Black Farmers Collective, US
② Application of Appropriate Technology in Urban Agriculture Kang Shinho, Alternative Energy Lab, Korea
③ Appropriate Technology in Gardening Park Ki-hong, Sky Tree, Korea

The 10th Seoul International Urban Agriculture Conference – Role of Urban Farming for Low Carbon Society

Nov 11


Han Jae-chun, Seoul Urban Farmers Association

Welcome Opening remarks by Oh Sae-hoon, Seoul Mayor Congratulatory remarks by Kim In-ho, Chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Council Welcoming remarks by Chang-Woo Lee, Chairman of the Committee for 2021 Seoul International Urban Agriculture Conference
Conference Moderator Moderator: Kim, Wan-soon, Professor at Department of Environmental Horticulture, University of Seoul Theme: Role of Urban Agriculture for Low Carbon Society
Keynote Speech ① Climate Farmers Saving the City and the Earth Baek Hye-sook, Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation, Korea
② Urban Agriculture: Humanity's last chance to secure its habitats and safe cooler climate Walter Jehne, Regenearge Earth, Australia
Presentation ① UNTAME FORAGE: cultivating politeness Alban Mannisi, Scapethical, France
② Cuban Agroecology Movement and the involvement of all social actors in the Conservation of Biodiversity Alejandro Palmarola, Latin American Botanical Association, Cuba
③ Organic Urban Vegetable and Gut: What you eat that made difference to our planet Yoshida Taro, Author of ‘The Birth of Eco-city Havana“
④ R-Urban: A network of citizen hubs and urban farms in the suburbs of the metropolis of Paris Doina Petrescu & Constantin Petcou, AAA/R-Urban, France
⑤ 10 Years of Seoul Urban Agriculture Seoul Urban Agriculture Division, Korea
Panel Discussion

All presenters

World Congress of Urban Farmers – Climate Farmers Saving the City and the Earth

Nov 11
Moderator Hwang Sun-yu – Gyeongin Broadcasting Announcer
Greetings from Farmers Introduction of participants and greetings
Opening Performance Accordiem
Short Film Climate Farmers Saving the City and the Earth
2021 Declaration of Urban Farmers Drafting Committee: Sheng-Yu Huang, Bjorn Low, Mat Luma, Vanessa Kwiatkowski, Alban Mannisi, and Kim Jindeuk
Closing Performance Urban Farmer's Song (film)