※ 2021 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture

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Title 2021 Seoul International Urban Agriculture Conference
Objective The Conference will offer a worldwide platform for various stakeholders related to urban agriculture to share their rich knowledge and experience in order to establish a common vision and action plans through urban farming in response to climate change.
Date and time November 8-11

• Farmer's Workshop
14:00-16:00, Nov. 8-10
• Seoul International Conference of Urban Agriculture
10:00-12:30, Nov.11
• World Congress of Urban Farmers
14:00-15:30, Nov.11

*Date and time are in accordance with the Korea Standard Time (UTC+09:00).
Venue All events will be held via zoom (registration required). Afterwards, all recordings will be archived at the official Youtube channel of Seoul City, Seoullive:
Subject Climate Farmer Saving the City and the Earth
Detailed Topic • Farmer's Workshop
Day 1 - “Sky” : Learn from the tradition
Day 2 - “Earth” : Store carbon in the soil
Day 3 - “Humans” : Use appropriate technology

• Conference
Theme : The Role of Urban Agriculture for a Carbon Neutral Society

• World Congress of Urban Farmers
Declaration of Urban Farmers