2022 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture

  • Day 1. Urban Agriculture in the Age of Transition
  • Day 2. Green Healing, Healing Urban Agriculture

Presenting People

  • Young Gull Kwon

    Chairman of the Seoul Design Foundation

    Presentation Title
      - Director of the National Institute of Design Strategy
      - Chairman of the Cultural Creation Association

      - Professor of design at Seoul National University
      - President of Gyewon University of Arts
      - Member of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth
      - President of the Korean Society of Public Design
  • Turner Wyatt

    CEO Upcycled Food Association

    Presentation Title
      - Co-founder of Fresh Food Connect
      - Co-founder of Denver Food Rescue

      - Top 20 emerging leaders in food and pesticides received the Under 40 award given by the waste industry
      - Co-Founder of Four Award-winning Food Organizations : [Denver Food Rescue Team, Bondosa, Fresh Food Connect, Upcycle Food Association]
  • Yoshida Taro

    Professor Nagaro Agricultural University

    Presentation Title
      - A local government official and professor at Nagano Agricultural University
      - Freelance journalist

      - Wrote many books about urban agriculture, organic agriculture, environment, traditional agriculture, and seeds in Cuba, and was translated and published in Korea
      - Introducing a lot of information about Cuba's organic and agricultural ecology to Japan
      - Tokyo Metropolitan Government's urban agriculture promotion and Nagano Prefectural Office are working to create an organic agricultural network
  • Dae-Hyun Kang

    Farm8 CEO

    Presentation Title
      - Representative of an agricultural corporation, Farm8 Co., Ltd
      - Representative of Plantifarm Co., Ltd
      - Senior Vice President of the Korea Smart Farm Industry Association
      - Vice Chairman of the Korea Vertical Farm Research Association
      - Awarded the 24th Agricultural, Livestock and Food Science and Technology Awards (Presidential Commendation)

Panel Session People

  • Hyun-Sook, Kim

    Professor of food school at Cheonggang University of Culture and Industry

    Presentation Title
      - Representative of Food Vision Global Network
      - Deputy Director of the Seoul Metropolitan Food and Living Support Center
      - Director of Slow Food Cultural Center
  • Hee-jung Lee

    Chairman of the JYP BOB Cooperative Association

    Presentation Title
      - Planning and Coordination Committee Member of the Seoul Food Citizens' Committee, Chairman of the Community Subcommittee
      - Seodaemun Food Plan TF member. Seodaemun Food Committee member
      - Chairman of Seodaemun Eco-Friendly Meal Support Center Steering Committee
      - Director of Dietary Education Seoul Network
      - Director of Food Division of the National Solidarity for Child Health
  • Jae-Chun, Han

    Advisory Committee on Innovation Planning of the Agricultural Technology Center

    Presentation Title
      - Doctor of Agriculture, Dankook University
      - Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation's Certificate Review Board
      - Chairman of the Seoul Urban Agricultural Expert Association
      - Members of the Agricultural Industry and Academic Cooperation Council
  • Won-Ju, Kim

    Seoul Institute's Safety and Environment Research Center Research Fellow

    Presentation Title
      - Seoul public landscape architect
      - Member of the Seoul Metropolitan Agricultural Commission
      - Member of the Seoul Green Citizens' Committee
  • Hyuk-Hoon, Jung

    Maeil Business Newspaper Agricultural Journalist/Vice Director

    Presentation Title
      - Maeil Business Newspaper Economic Director, Beijing Correspondent
      - Maeil Business Newspaper Beijing Correspondent
      - Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Delaware, USA

      - Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (December 2021)
      - The Flesh of the Great Powers (October 2017)
      - Mekong River Silk Road (November 2011)
      - Agrizento Korea: The Way of the High-tech Agricultural Wealth (July 2010, co-authored)
  • Tae-Byoung, Jeon

    Co-representative of Manna CAA (2013~present)

    Presentation Title
      - Graduated from KAIST Department of Mechanical Engineering (2012)
      - Forbes Under 30 (2019)
      - Minister of Commendation Agriculture Award (2019)